I Have a Booktube!

This is just a quick post to introduce my new YouTube channel!  I’ve been wanting to take this step for a while, but the thought of being on camera is a little scary.  For the moment, I will be focusing on book-based content and getting involved in the Booktube community, but rest assured that I plan to create gaming videos in the future once I’ve established myself a bit.  For those who are concerned, I will still be writing on my blog, just like before.  I’m just expanding to a new platform!

My first video is up now, although I had a bit of an editing mishap that resulted in my audio coming out mono instead of stereo (meaning it will only play in one earpiece).  I have figured out a fix, however, so future videos will be free of this issue!  Basically, I’ve never edited a video or talked to a camera before in my life, so I’m learning as I go.  Come take a look and subscribe here or watch my video down below:

Have you ever created videos before?  Let me know more about your experiences in the comments below!


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