I Can’t Stop Playing Coloring Pixels and Need Help

Have you ever played a game that is so addicting that you just never want to stop playing?  For most people, this is probably a huge RPG like The Witcher 3:  Wild Hunt or the latest multiplayer sensation, like Overwatch.  Well, for me, the story is a little bit different because, whereas most people believe that spending a lot of time in any one game is actually a badge of honor, I am honestly ashamed of the amount of time I have put into this specific experience.  Today, I open up about my love affair with Coloring Pixels.

My first exposure to Coloring Pixels was the through the great Tecsielity and I’m not sure if I should thank her or curse her for the recommendation.  I’ll admit that when I first saw that she recommended a paint-by-numbers title, I scoffed a little at the thought that I would ever enjoy such a simplistic game.  Of course, I quickly realized that several of my most-played titles on Steam are all a part of the idle genre, so Coloring Pixels is exactly the sort of time-waster that I might be into.  Immediately, I went to download the game…and here I am, 450 hours later.

No, that number is not an exaggeration.  I have spent 450 hours painting by numbers instead of curing cancer or learning a new language.  Sometimes, I think about how many games I could have played with the time I spent coloring in pixel art, though I try to avoid running the actual numbers.  For those who have not yet been introduced to this phenomenon, Coloring Pixels is essentially a paint-by-numbers game.  The player starts with a blank canvas with numbers on it that correspond to colors and gets to work on filling in the white spaces.  It’s about the simplest game one could possibly imagine, and yet I’m still playing it.

20180930152501_1Also, it has a night mode, which is a savior for my light-sensitive eyes.

The beauty of Coloring Pixels is in how it keeps my hands busy while doing something else.  I have never been great about just watching a YouTube video, as I prefer to always have something to do while the video runs.  This game is perfect for this specific scenario, as it doesn’t take much concentration to pick colors and paint with them, allowing me to binge videos for hours at a time.  Obviously, given my playtime, I watch a lot of YouTube.  This title also may or may not be the reason that I am almost caught up on fifteen seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

Do I recommend that others pick up Coloring Pixels?  That probably depends on how easily addicted to games you are, as well as whether you are actively searching for something you can watch Netflix while playing.  This isn’t The Witcher 3, but that’s the beauty of it for me.  I needed a game that would fill a very specific role in my life, and it does its job perfectly.  There’s no great depth of gameplay or strategy, but it does allow me to learn a little about the creation of pixel art and have fun.  I deeply appreciate it for what it is, even if I simultaneously curse it for how hopelessly addicted I am.

Have you ever played Coloring Pixels?  Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Playing Coloring Pixels and Need Help

    1. Well, I do tend to forget its open sometimes, so my count may be a bit inflated. Still, I’ve played way more of it than I should have. What have you done to me?


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