Under-Hyped Readathon

So it’s about 3 AM my time, which means this post will probably be a little incoherent and jumbled.  That said, I wanted to share my plans to participate in the Under-Hyped Readathon hosted by Charlotte at RamblingsofanElfpire.  Her video describing the readathon is right here:

In case you didn’t feel like watching the video, I will sum up the contents to the best of my abilities.  Basically, the readathon starts at Midnight your time on the 27th (so it has probably already started for a bunch of you) and you get to pick “underhyped books” to read.  Now, your definition of “underhyped” can differ based on your own personal preferences.  For me, I am going to probably focus on a lot of obscure graphic novels that I bought through bundle deals (if you haven’t checked out Humble Bundles before, you should go look at those now, by the way).  I’m not going to do a TBR because I don’t want to feel locked into reading certain books.  Instead, I’m going to just start reading and see where that takes me.

Keep a lookout for an update from me at the end of the readathon next week to see how I did!  Please let me know if you’re participating in this event, as well, and what books you plan on reading.


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