E3 Superlatives


Better late than never, right?  I am moving to a new location, so it took some time to finally be able to sit down and share the best and worst of this year’s E3.  Overall, my opinions fall somewhere in the realm of “eh, it’s alright”.  There were some high highs and low lows over the past few days, so let’s talk about what went right, and what went so very, very wrong.

Best overall conference:  Microsoft.  Overall, Microsoft still wasn’t the presentation I had hoped for from them.  Most of their conference involved multi-platform games, and they didn’t announce a ton of new IPs, as many hoped they would.  That said, they still had a number of strong announcements.  First of all, they announced partnerships and acquisitions with a number of developers, which means we should be seeing more first-party titles in the coming years.  Secondly, getting Nier Automata is actually a great score for them, because now, if someone wants to buy a new console, that’s one less exclusive title that Sony can hold over Microsoft’s head.

Worst overall conference:  EA.  I doubt anyone was surprised that a gaming company notorious for popularizing a number of anti-consumer tactics in video games had a bad conference.  There were a few highlights here and there, like the adorable Unravel developer making a return trip to E3.  That said, the focus on sports games that change very little from year to year, and their general failure to create hype for Anthem hurt them this year.  Hopefully they learn from their mistakes, and blow us all away next year.

Game I’m Most Hyped For:  Spyro Reignited Trilogy.


Image Source:  Wikipedia

I grew up on the first three Spyro games.  They were some of the first games I ever played, and probably the reason that I love games as much as I do today.  Therefore, I’ve been dying to know more about what is happening with this remaster.  E3 gave us a look at a bunch of levels, which allowed me to relive my childhood in HD.  Needless to say, I’m eagerly anticipating my purchase of this game upon its release.

Game I’d like to Go Away:  Anthem


Image Source:  Wikipedia

If I made a list of my favorite games of all time, it would be hard not to put all the Mass Effect (yes, even Andromeda) and Dragon Age (yes, even 2) games on there.  That said, I’m not even a little excited for this game.  I may purchase it out of fear that not buying this game will mean Bioware folds before I get my Dragon Age 4, but I never liked Destiny, and this game doesn’t appear to have enough Bioware-esque elements to change my mind.

Biggest Surprise:  Fallout 76

I had heard the leaks going into the conference about Fallout 76 being a multiplayer experience.  As someone who really only plays single-player games, I was pretty nonplussed about this and desperately needed more details.  That said, I have to be honest, Todd Howard really sold me.  He seems confident that playing alone won’t detract from the experience, and I do love the idea of being able to launch nukes.  Additionally, it’s one of very few games that I suspect my boyfriend and I can agree on, so I might actually have a multiplayer partner for this exciting romp across post-apocalyptic West Virginia.

Game I Need Right Now:  Kingdom Hearts 3

I started playing the Kingdom Hearts series when I was in elementary school, and I’m now out of college as the series may finally wrap its story up.  I’m still a few games behind, so the 2019 release date is to my advantage as I finish catching up on the story to date.  That said, I need this game as soon as possible, so pretty please don’t move the date again, Square Enix?

There we go!  My slightly belated wrap-up of E3!  Let me know in the comments what you thought of E3.

Note:  This post is imported from a prior blog, HannieBee Games.

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