Clearing the Steam Backlog: Playing my Oldest Games


I have a bit of a Steam Addiction, and thanks to a lot of Humble Bundles and impulse purchases, a lot of the games I own have never been touched.  It’s always occurred to me that I could have purchased a game that I would love, but will never play because it’s buried in my mountain of  Steam titles.  Therefore, I thought I’d start a series where I sort my games by recency and play a little bit of my oldest games, giving my first impressions on each game.


First up is a puzzle-platformer called Snapshot.  Since the oldest games in my Steam library were bought in 2012, this game was created during a time when everyone was still trying to capitalize off the successes of games like Braid and Limbo.  Starting off, however, this game shows promise because the main character is just adorable, and the art is pleasant, using vibrant colors.


The gameplay is fun, though not particularly unique.  As with most platformers of the time, this game has a gimmick to the puzzle solving.  In this case, the robot is able to take photographs that cut certain items out of the environment, such as boxes, and paste them in other places at will.  It’s a solid concept, and one that I’m intrigued to see more uses of.  Overall, this game isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but I’m interested enough in the central gameplay mechanic that I’ll continue to play more.

Intrusion 2


Intrusion 2 is a side-scrolling shooter reminiscent of old school Metal Slug or Contra games.  This came from another old Humble Bundle from a while ago, but this isn’t normally my preferred game genre, so I never gave it a shot.  Booting it up now, I can say with confidence that it’s a really strong game of its genre…but absolutely not for my personal tastes.  There are some really neat environmental touches that stand out, like how snow will pile up into a larger snowball if pushed against, and the gun-play is fantastic, but I just don’t like this old-school arcade style of games.  Still, if anyone out there is looking for this kind of game, it’s really great.

The Basement Collection


The Basement Collection is a set of old flash games made by Edmund McMillen, the creator of hit games Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac.  I have to admit, I’ve never spent a lot of time with any of McMillen’s games, even though I own all of them.  There’s a variety of games in here, most of them involving some sort of side-scrolling platforming element.  The best part of this collection was the prototype for Super Meat Boy.  The biggest problem with this collection is that there’s nothing here I couldn’t play on the internet for free, so I can’t say that I envision myself playing this much more in the future.

There we go!  The first in what will probably be a series on my expansive Steam library.  Let me know what games you shamefully haven’t played in the comments!

Note:  This post is imported from a prior blog, HannieBee Games.

3 thoughts on “Clearing the Steam Backlog: Playing my Oldest Games

  1. I have to admit I haven’t gone crazy with Steam sales in some time. Ever since Valve’s questionable handling of the service, I’ve jumped ship to GOG, and I haven’t really been checking what games are for sale as frequently.

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