Ranking the Gentlemen (and Ladies) of Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!



Okay, I have played through Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! three times and experienced every character’s speed date.  With that in mind, I am now going to do my first impression rankings of all twelve characters, as well as explain a bit about why I ranked them accordingly.  Before we begin, however, if a Victorian dating simulator sounds interesting, go take a look at the Kickstarter campaign!  The Kickstarter page also includes a link to the demo, if you want to meet these fine gentlemen and ladies for yourself.

On to the rankings!

12.  Penny Farthing

Penny Farthing

Penny Farthing seems weirdly obsessed with birds, and that’s about all I got from her during our speed date.  I have no problem with bird watching and believe it is a very legitimate hobby, but there was very little else to her personality or interests.  She doesn’t leave a bad first impression, but instead, leaves no impression at all.

11.  Samuel Finch

Samuel Finch

Samuel Finch went on an odd anti-capitalist rant upon first meeting him, and I can’t say I found it particularly charming.  Apart from that, he comes off as cocky and arrogant, like your average pretty boy in a teen movie.  He doesn’t seem likely to be my type.

10.  Gunn Moses

Gunn Moses

Gunn Moses comes off as a bit pompous when he talks about translating books in his free time. He’s also quiet, and it seems like it is difficult to get meaningful conversation out of him.  While I don’t think he’s a bad guy, I think he’ll need to prove to me that he’s worth the time it takes to get to know him.

9.  Fanny Shufflebottom

Fanny Shufflebottom

Fanny Shufflebottom seems like the kind of character that has the potential for interesting development and insight over the course of the game.  She dresses so beautifully, but her personality and interests are so unbecoming of a Victorian lady, such as her interest in boar hunting.  It will be interesting to see where the story leads her.

8.  Sinterklaas


Sinterklaas looks like Santa, but he’s not particularly jolly.  On the contrary, his date includes telling a dark children’s tale where people die and go to jail.  Granted, this darkness is really quite common for a Victorian-era children’s tale, so I’ll let it slide, but I am still a bit concerned.  I’m convinced that he is Santa’s long-lost evil twin.

7.  Vicki Lestrange

Vicki Lestrange.png

Vicki Lestrange seemed like she wanted to fall asleep the whole time that we were together, which is not a good sign for a potential relationship.  Even still, I enjoyed my conversation with her and believe that there is more to her personality and charm than meets the eye.

6.  Pip Whipple

Pip Whipple

Pip Whipple gets upset when people say she looks young, and since I also look a decade younger than I am, I can sympathize.  She also wants to be a private detective, and the part of me that loves Danganronpa and Agatha Christie novels is really excited to learn more.  The only concern I have here is that the two of us will never be served alcohol if we go out together, because we look way too young.

5.  Max GentlemenMax Gentlemen

Max Gentlemen is so cheerful and excited about everything he says.  I envision him talking like a morning news announcer that’s had too much coffee, and that makes me laugh at every line he says.  His excitement over hat stacking has really won me over.

4.  Bonbon Von Valentine

BonBon Von Valentine

Easily the most flirtatious of the bunch, Bonbon Von Valentine has some witty and intelligent banter going on.  Seductress characters in games are hit or miss, since they are too often played as an idiot for laughs.  Bonbon comes off as intelligent, and potentially hiding some other side of her, so I think it’ll be fun to learn more about her.

3.  Summer StarlingSummer Starling

Summer Starling may kill me in my sleep, but I’m willing to take the risk.  There’s so much mystery behind her, and I want to know why she has such an interest in violence and death.  The fact that she is into taxidermy means I may not be going over to her place anytime soon, so that may hinder our relationship.

2.  Vlad Nibblesome

Vlad Nibblesome

Vlad Nibblesome is the totally-not-a-vampire person who should totally turn out to be a vampire.  I mean, come on, the Victorian era was the pinnacle of Vampire culture until around 2008.  Dracula and stories before and after worked people up into a frenzy!  The possibility that Vlad might be a vampire is the main reason I’m interested in him, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

1.  Antoine HardmeatAntoine Hardmeat.png

Antoine Hardmeat is so anxious and unsure of himself, and I find that so charming.  His outfit is also really cool and I love that his best friend is his horse.  I’m a sucker for characters that start out timid and grow their confidence through the game, so if that’s where his story goes, I’m completely on board with him.


Well, there are my rankings!  I’m really excited to see how my rankings hold up once the official game comes out, and how characters grow and change through the development process.  Let me know in the comments if you’ve played this or have interest in any specific characters!

Note:  This post is imported from a prior blog, HannieBee Games.

2 thoughts on “Ranking the Gentlemen (and Ladies) of Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!

  1. This is totally in my genre for games. I love the Victorian era and having a dating sim sounds fun (although I’ve never played one.) I’m probably going to play the demo just to try it out. My favorites from your list are Antoine, Bon Bon and Vickie!

    -Luna 🙂

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