Games that Deserve More Love

I love playing video games, which is obvious, or I wouldn’t be writing this right now.   Sometimes, however, I play a video game that I absolutely adore, or even just generally appreciate, and I go to talk about it with others and realize that no one else has played it.  Today, I’ve decided that I’m going to talk about a few games that I believe people should be playing, but no one ever talks about.



Hue comes up every time anyone asks me about a hidden gem game, and this specific game is the reason I decided to create this entire post.  As of now, it has 253 reviews on Steam, and I have to assume that just comes from 2D platforming fatigue setting in, because it’s a great game.  The art style is really striking through its use of color as a central gameplay mechanic.  Basically, the main character can change the color of the background to make objects in the foreground appear or disappear.  I don’t believe that it’s a revolutionary game by any means, but the music is calming, the gameplay is fun, and it is all-around a genuinely great experience that I would love for more people to experience.



Everything is a game about becoming, well, everything.  The player roams around an open landscape and can become anything in that environment and move around as that object.  Turtles, bananas, trees, rocks, mountains, and everything else is fair game here.  I find that this game is best played at the end of a hectic day, because it’s relaxing and laughter is bound to occur.  In particular, I would recommend it to anyone who misses the olden days of Katamari Damacy, because the concept of gradually becoming larger and larger items until planets and galaxies can be controlled will likely feel familiar to fans of those games.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles


Epistory – Typing Chronicles is a game about typing.  I suspect that a lot of people see that this is a typing game and pass on it, assuming that because they know how to type, the game has nothing to offer them.  This is a typing RPG, however, with progression mechanics and skill unlocks.  There are different elements that can be used to boost typing abilities and destroy enemies even faster.  Ultimately, I realize that this game doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but the RPG mechanics and beautiful paper-inspired art aesthetic makes it a much better game in practice than on paper.


Well, that’s it for today!  I’ll likely do a few more of these in the future that highlight a couple of underrated games.  In the meantime, what games do you believe are underrated?  Let me know in the comments!

Note:  This post is imported from a prior blog, HannieBee Games.

6 thoughts on “Games that Deserve More Love

  1. Epistory looks pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing these games! A game I think deserves more love is Faeria. Faeria is a Steam card game and it’s pretty fun. It takes the concept of Magic The Gathering where you need to gather mana to use cards in your hands and mixes it with a a more strategic way to attack. Instead of attacking your opponent directly when you have enough Mana, you must place land tiles on the board and place your attackers within striking range. Of course the opponent can block you and destroy your attackers before you reach the other player which makes the game a bit more strategic.

    -Luna 🙂

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  2. Hue sounds like it will be awesome. I’ll have to give it a try for sure! And the same with Epistory – Typing Chronicles. As I am studying to become a web developer, you can imagine I do a lot of typing. So I tend to train my typing regularly, and if it can be done with a typing RPG that would be sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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