Eight Underrated Gaming Youtube Channels You Should Watch

Underrated Gaming Youtubers

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Hey everyone!  I’m working on a huge project that I want to share, but it’s going to take me a bit to get together.  In the meantime, I didn’t want to go totally silent on the blog, so I thought I would follow up on something I talked about previously.  I recently participated in a Sunshine Blogger Award nomination, and one of the questions referred to my favorite Youtube channel.  Well, I watch a lot of different channels, and some of them don’t get nearly the love that they deserve.  Today, I decided to change that.  I’m going to share eight channels I love with under fifty thousand subscribers (most of these channels are far under that), a little about their content and why I watch them, as well as a linked video that I believe is a good representation of their work.

1.  Cannot be Tamed

I mentioned Cannot be Tamed in my Sunshine Blogger Award, but I absolutely love her content.  Pam’s content is varied, but a lot of it focuses on game collection and retro game reviews.  She recently wrapped up her top 100 games of all time, and I would highly recommend giving it a watch, as I certainly found some hidden gems from her list.  She’s knowledgeable about games, and every time I watch one of her videos, I learn something new.


2.  DariaPlaysRPGs

DariaPlaysRPGs makes it obvious in the channel name what she does.  She produces a variety of RPG-themed content, from let’s plays to lists.  Her most recent work includes streaming Dragon Quest XI, her take on the emulation controversy, and so much more.  I personally love watching her list videos, where she talks about underrated or quirky titles on various systems.  If RPGs are your thing, her channel is a great addition to the watch rotation.


3.  SuperDerek RPGs

Unsurprisingly, given the kinds of games I personally enjoy, I watch a lot of RPG-themed content.  SuperDerek RPGs focuses his channel around, shockingly, RPGs, with a lot of his content involving news and reviews of both retro and modern titles.  I like watching his news updates, as he does a great job of summarizing the big news of the week in a digestible format.


4.  Bombchu

Bombchu focuses heavily on a lot of strong indie-based content.  One of my favorite parts of the channel are the Humble Bundle Monthly reviews.  As someone else who reviews the monthly bundles, I always look forward to watching these videos after I get my own review out for people to read.  There’s also a lot of short news coverage here, which is useful to keep up with the daily news.


5.  Zaffre Revolution

Yes, yet another RPG-based channel!  There may be a pattern in the sorts of things I watch.  Still, I love Zaffre Revolution because he likes to do retrospective reviews of multiple games or series at a time.  He also does a ton of top ten lists, which if I’m honest, I’m sort of addicted to that video format.  If videos covering a bunch of games in a series at once are your thing, Zaffre Revolution has several videos that are perfect for this!


6.  What’s Good Games

What’s Good Games is technically a podcast, so this content can also be found on most podcasting services, but I prefer to watch the video when I have the time available.  The show is hosted by three wonderful ladies that are all veterans in the games industry, Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, and Kristine Steimer.  They report the news in a way that only they know how, with lots of humor and wit.  I especially love their weekly hands on section of the podcast, as they talk about the games they’ve been playing recently.  They don’t hold back their feelings, whether positive or negative, and they’re a joy to watch.


7.  Get Indie Gaming

Get Indie Gaming does a great job of highlighting indie games that larger channels might miss.  They put out lists of upcoming and recently released video games that people should be looking out for, and it certainly helps me find some new titles to support.  True to their channel name, don’t expect a lot of AAA game coverage from them, but there’s hundreds of channels for those games and shockingly few for the indie scene.


8.  Ingeniousclown Gaming

I’ve mentioned a few times before that I love idle games. so this is how I initially found Ingeniousclown Gaming’s channel, as he does a fair number of idle game reviews and recommendation videos.  That said, he does so much more than that, and his content often involves deep analysis of game mechanics that I find fascinating.


Are there any Youtube stars that you believe deserve more love?  Let me know in the comments, as I love finding more channels to watch!

Note:  This post is imported from a prior blog, HannieBee Games.

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