Hey everyone!  You may formerly know me as HannieBee from following my blogs.  I’ve blogged off and on since 2016 and I’ve ultimately decided to take the plunge and fully commit to it.  I realized that I had a gaming subscription that I wasn’t really using these days and could take that money and invest it into a paid WordPress plan, allowing me to finally get my own domain!  Since I had my own domain, however, I decided that I wanted a new blog name to go with it.

Picking a blog name was hard.  I didn’t want to pick anything that totally tied me into a specific hobby because I didn’t want to feel forced to write about an individual topic all the time.  Honestly, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to stay branded as Hannie or switch to my real name, Hannah.  Ultimately, however, my husband suggested The Hannie Corner and I thought it was absolutely perfect.  Just like that, a new name was formed!

Obviously, I’m sure people want to know what’s going to change with this blog name shakeup, and the main purpose of this post is to answer this for you all.  The primary change is that I am going to be closing down my other blog, HannieBeeGames, and posting all of my gaming and book-related content on the same blog.

The primary reason I used to have separate blogs for my two primary hobbies is that I didn’t think my book tastes would interest gamers and vice versa.  Over time, I’ve gotten to know the WordPress community better and determined that the gaming and reading communities overlap far more than I thought they would.  Therefore, I don’t believe I’ll be bothering people enormously by posting about both topics on one blog.  Moreover, I actually think this opens up a lot of fun opportunities to discuss both of my hobbies in combination, such as using a video game to generate book recommendations.

Apart from this slight shift in my content, I want to just make everyone aware that, over the next few months, I’ll slowly be archiving my old blog posts from my HannieBeeGames onto this blog.  I want to make sure people have an opportunity to read all of my work in one place, so this is a necessary step of the blog consolidation process.  I’ll do this slowly so no one gets spammed with twenty old posts in a twelve-hour span, but just be aware that it will be happening.

Well, I think it’s about time that I wrap this up.  In the next few weeks, my content will be a bit more book-leaning because I’m in the middle of writing several posts already.  In the long run, however, I have some great plans for awesome gaming-oriented content, so I hope you all stick around for it!  Thank you for taking the time out of your days to read my content, and I hope you enjoy what’s coming up!


6 thoughts on “Re-Introduction!

  1. The Import/Export process shouldn’t overwhelm your WordPress followers as they’ll backdate everything. Not sure about email or RSS subscribers though, they might get a deluge. WordPress help tend to be more forthcoming now that you’re paid up though if you drop them a line.

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  2. Congrats on deciding to upgrade and merge! I recently did that (I used to have a book review blog and then a personal blog where I talked about writing and gaming and the like) and I have never been happier with my blog than deciding to merge the two! I hope the process is smooth and painful for you and I can’t wait to read about your gaming content, amongst discovering other posts!

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    1. Thanks! I just realized at some point that combining my blogs would make it far easier for me to keep up with them. I was worried about burnout trying to write both. Blogging is a hobby, and I should be having fun doing it, right? Thanks for commenting!

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      1. I totally understand that. Of course, our experiences could be totally different, but I’ve found my productivity has increased and I don’t feel the burnout I was feeling trying to write lesser for two. I hope it’s a positive experience, regardless!


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