Hannie’s Weekly Wrap-Up 2/10

Disgaea 5

As I’ve stated before, I’m terrible at sticking to any sort of monthly plan for my reading and gaming because I tend to just pick up what I feel like doing.  I like the idea of planning out what I’m doing, however, as it makes it easier for people to know what to expect from me regarding future reviews and content.  Therefore, I’m going to start posting weekly plans on Sundays for a while and see if a weekly plan suits me better.

My plan for these posts will include three parts.  I will start off with any recent accomplishments.  This includes finishing books and games, as well as shouting out any major milestones that I may have hit, such as getting a rare trophy that I hunted for days.  After this, I will move on with what I plan to play and read in the coming week.  Since I will likely have carry-overs from week to week, I will just list those titles out and put more focus on the new content that I am starting, unless I have something really important to say.  Finally, I will highlight a few blog posts, videos, streamers, or any other sort of content creation that I have enjoyed recently.

What I Finished


city of bones

I can finally say that I have read a Cassandra Clare book, as I finished City of Bones this week.  In a shocking turn of events, I was on top of things enough to actually write a review already, which can be found here.  In short, I think this is an enjoyable enough adventure in spite of a plethora of tropes holding many of the characters back from being well-developed.  I’m not sure if I have been convinced to commit to reading everything Clare has ever written at this point, but I’m willing to give her at least one more book to see where she goes from here.



I didn’t finish any games this week because I’m working through some longer titles at the moment, but I did start grinding my way through the end game of Disgaea 1 PC this week.  This is going to be a long journey that may take a little work here and there over the next six months, but for now, I am happy to report that I have my first level 1000 character.  1000 down, and many, many levels to go.

My Plans for the Week


game of thrones

I am currently 650 pages into A Game of Thrones, which means I only have about 150 more pages to go!  I’m enjoying it so far, but it’s still a really long book and I just feel emotionally exhausted after this much time in such a dark and dreary world.  At this moment, unless the ending really changes my mind, I’ll probably wait a while to recover before I move on with the series.

Thomas Wildus.jpg

I got a review copy for Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows recently and plan to finish and review it in the next few days.  This is the start to a middle-grade fantasy series about magic and I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far.  I’m about halfway through, but it reads quickly, so I anticipate being done with it soon

City of Ashes.jpg

I went to the library and picked up City of Ashes, which is the second book in Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series.  After City of Bones, I want to know where the story goes, and I’m especially curious about whether the characters are better developed here.  This book plays a pivotal role in whether I continue on with this series or move on because I’m still on the fence about it.



I started playing Disgaea 5 Complete yesterday and I am in love.  The characters and plot are hilarious, and the gameplay is much improved upon the older titles.  I’m only a few chapters in so far, mostly because I’m already caught in the loop of endlessly grinding instead of actually continuing with the story, but if this game continues to be this much fun, then it may become my new favorite of the series.

I watched my brother play through Kingdom Hearts III already, so I’ve seen the full story.  Now that he’s done, however, I can finally get my hands on it.  So far, my opinions are positive, having played through the first few worlds.  The gameplay is a lot of fun and the worlds are massive, lending themselves to thorough exploration.  I can’t wait to keep exploring and closing out this story for myself.


I don’t want to forget about my goal of playing through ten point-and-click adventure games and ranking them all, so I’m going to work my way through The Darkside Detective this week.  Through playing Kathy Rain and Rainswept, I have learned that detective titles are a subgenre of adventure titles that I enjoy immensely, so I can’t wait to see the fun mysteries that this game has in store for me.


Finally, I would like to be better about actively working through a replay at all times during the year, and first up is Fallout 4.  I played a lot of Fallout 76 in late 2018, and more than anything else, it reminded me that I only did a sprint through the main story when Fallout 4 initially came out.  My plan here is to do a full completion run where I use branching saves in order to finish all four main paths.  After five hours, I can’t believe that I waited so long to play this again because I am having a ton of fun!

Around the Web

Gideon’s Gaming wrote on an interesting game called Worbital that I hope to pick up eventually.

Northern Plunder formally unveiled a new blogger support group called Blogs & Tea.  I’m a member of the group and it’s a great community worth checking out!

A Geek Girl’s Guide curated a great group of games to play with your significant other just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of my very first weekly summary post!  This is a work in progress that I’ll be piloting for a few weeks to see how it goes.  I’m debating adding in a section with links to everything I wrote during the week, and handling games that I play over multiple weeks will definitely take some fine-tuning, but this is still a rough idea of what I want the post to look like.

What kinds of content would you want in a weekly update for me?  What are you reading and playing this week?  Let me know in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “Hannie’s Weekly Wrap-Up 2/10

  1. I’ve begun playing more puzzle games, and I’m working my way through Archaica: The Path of Light. It’s fun, and I find that the puzzle solutions make sense once I figure them out.

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    1. She’s like YA Stephen King to me. Every time I blink, she’s announced another series that I’ll have to catch up on. I do hope I like her because I’ll never run out of books to read!

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