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Borderlands 2

I have been doing book and game recommendations for each Hogwarts house, and today, it’s time to learn about some awesome video games for Hufflepuffs.  Since Hufflepuffs are compassionate and loyal, titles that involve teamwork and focus on character development are best suited to this group.  Take a look at my corresponding book recommendations here, and let’s get started!

First of all, I would recommend the entire Kingdom Hearts series because of its reliance on building and maintaining strong friendships, as well as for the main protagonist of the series.  Sora is a true Hufflepuff, as he is never willing to give up on his friends for any reason, no matter how hopeless his efforts to save them may be.  His strength comes from those around him, and he is motivated by them when times get tough.

Stardew Valley

Sometimes, Hufflepuffs just want to relax, and Stardew Valley is the perfect game for this.  Getting to know the residents of Pelican Town is an integral part of the fun, creating an immersive experience.  These people all have likes, dislikes, and struggles that players get to learn through conversation.  By the end of their time in this farming title, players will feel like they’ve become a resident of the town, too.

Similarly to Kingdom Hearts, the Persona series is here primarily due to its ongoing themes.  Friendship and loyalty are explored and questioned consistently throughout the games as all of the companion characters question their identities, personalities, and relationships.  In particular, I would say that Persona 4 is a strong title for Hufflepuffs because of the particularly tight friendships that form between all of the main characters and the overarching theme of being loyal to each other’s true selves, regardless of their negative traits.


Borderlands may, at first, seem like an odd series to choose for the Hufflepuff house, but I think it fits because it’s a multiplayer title.  Since Hufflepuffs are loyal and friendly, I would expect that many of them are rather gregarious (though, as an introverted Hufflepuff, I can assure everyone that this is not indicative of all members of this house).  Therefore, I can imagine that a game to play with friends would be a huge hit, and Borderlands is one of the best co-op multiplayer titles around.

Life is Strange

Finally, I could have put Life is Strange for my Slytherin post coming up next week, but I decided to put it down for Hufflepuff instead because I think Max is so representative of the house.  She, like Sora, is motivated by those around her and draws from their strength.  Unlike Sora, however, players get to make choices on behalf of Max, which allows us to see her personality as it molds and transforms with the consequences of each decision.  While she remains a steadfast Hufflepuff, watching Max work her hardest to save everyone around her, only to sometimes come up short regardless, is heart-wrenching to watch, especially for fellow Hufflepuffs.

Well, there’s the list of games for Hufflepuffs.  What games would you recommend for this house?  Let me know in the comments below and get ready for my final set of house recommendations for Slytherin coming next week!


10 thoughts on “Hufflepuff Video Games

  1. 🤔interesting allegory between Max and Hufflepuff. Using the base characteristics of a Hufflepuff would probably pitch a Bioware title, maybe Mass Effect 2 which is all about loyalty and bonding and character development. My two cence.

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      1. 🤔interesting pick. Fits the house espeically the demonic scars sans medi bay upgrade in 2. The nemesis system in shadow of mordor came to mind thinking of that house. Espeically the villains when they snuff you and the parallels to Malfoy jnr

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