Hannie’s Weekly Wrap-Up 2/24

Another week has come and gone, meaning that it’s time to do a weekly wrap-up!  I was super productive in working on my new YouTube channel, but that means I didn’t get a ton done in terms of reading and gaming.  Nevertheless, let’s see what I finished, what I hope to get to this week, and some fun posts from others.

What I Finished


City of Ashes

I finished City of Ashes, which is my second Cassandra Clare book.  Unfortunately, I’m sad to report that I didn’t enjoy this at all.  So much of this book could have been cut out if any of these characters, teen or adult, could just sit down and have an honest conversation without someone storming angrily out of the room.  There is so much angst here, which I would accept from the teenage characters given their ages, but I do not accept from full-grown adults.  While I may continue on with the series at a later date, I’m giving this a rest for a while and giving this book two out of five stars.

Long Road to Liquor City.jpg

I was going to read The Death & Life of Red Henley from my NetGalley list, but I spent so much time editing at a computer that I wanted something a little more lighthearted.  Instead, I picked up a different title from my queue, Long Road to Liquor City.  This is a tale set during the Great Depression following two characters attempting to find their way to the mythical Liquor City.  While I enjoyed the art style reasonably well, I did not care for the characters or plot at all and found myself incredibly disinterested partway through.  If this were half the length, I may have enjoyed it, but at almost two-hundred pages, I gave it a two out of five stars.

I also finished a book that’s part of a project I’m going to be announcing soon, but I’m not going to reveal anything quite yet, so stay tuned for that!


Confession time:  I didn’t finish or really play any games this week.  I spent so much time at my computer working on starting up my new channel that I didn’t feel like playing games on it afterward.  Next week, I’m going to try to make some real progress in my gaming backlog, I promise!

Weekly Plans


I am almost done with both The Lightning Thief and Unwholly, so I will be finishing both of these for certain.  Apart from this, however, I want to make a dent in my NetGalley TBR.  Which book I specifically pick up is a bit of an unknown for me right now, but I did recently receive several collections of poetry that I would like to try, as I could write a mini-feature piece on the genre.  I’ll leave the covers down below, as I won’t have much to say about these titles until after I’ve read them and learned more about their style and content:


I have a ton of games in progress because I’m indecisive, so I’m going to narrow in on two games this week to try and make a dent in them.  Since I would like to write a review on it eventually, I am going to focus on finishing Kingdom Hearts III, and I am also going to work on my replay of Fallout 4 so I can try my hand at writing my first longer analysis piece.  It seems unlikely that I will ultimately finish either of these games in a week, but I hope that narrowing my scope to two titles will get me far enough in them to have a better gaming update for next week.

Around the Web

Scott the Woz is one of my favorite gaming creators out there these days and he just reignited everyone’s childhood nostalgia for instruction manuals.

Pages and Pens did a delightful video on all of the books she discovered through other creators.

Reaper Interactive led a discussion regarding why gamers have an issue with EA.

Tescielity wrote a review for The Time Traveler’s Guide to Modern Romance, which sounds like a fantastic book that I can’t wait to read.

Final Thoughts

The next few weeks will be a bit crazy for me as I balance out writing on my blog with creating videos and also actually consuming content that I can then write and create videos about.  Bear with me as I figure out the proper life balance here because I can’t wait to get started with all of the awesome ideas I have in my head!

What are you reading and playing this week?  Let me know in the comments below!

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