Predictions For My New Favorite Games

Borderlands Pre-Sequel

A few days ago, I wrote a post detailing some books that I predict I will give five stars.  Since I also play a lot of video games, it only seems fair to do a list of them, as well.  Since I don’t give perfect scores to the vast majority of titles I play, I have decided to instead predict which ones I will hold in high regard as a new favorite upon completion, which means my ultimate score for them will be anything between nine and ten on a ten-point scale.  I’m hoping that writing this post will give me the incentive to actually play these games so I can do a follow-up post where I discuss my ultimate opinions of them, so let’s see if that actually happens!

The Sexy Brutale

I love games that deal with time manipulation and I’m honestly not sure if there’s a single instance of this mechanic being used where I hated the resulting game.  While I’ve wanted to play The Sexy Brutale since it came out, I haven’t actually given it a try yet, for some reason, and hope to correct this mistake soon!  Since I’ll probably want to play a few shorter games after finishing the behemoth that is The Witcher 3, this one is on my shortlist.

Borderlands:  The Pre-Sequel


I know people don’t like Borderlands:  The Pre-Sequel as much as the first or second game, but at the end of the day, I adore Claptrap and think his skill tree looks more varied and interesting than the character I chose to play as in Borderlands 2.  I’m also certain to have fun playing this with my husband because I think this series has the best co-op these days.  It’s hard to predict my feelings in advance, but I find it hard to believe that I’ll dislike this.

Middle Earth:  Shadow of Mordor

Given that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was my favorite game of last year and it had a tiered mercenary system that reminded people of the nemesis system from Middle Earth:  Shadow of Mordor, I feel like it’s time to finally give this one a shot.  I like Lord of the Rings, I like open-world fantasy games, and I like action combat, so the combination of these things should be the recipe for a winner!

Valkyria Chronicles

One of my favorite video game franchises is the Disgaea series, so I feel like there’s definitely a home for me in the tactical RPG genre.  Valkyria Chronicles feels like a game that I’ll love as long as I’m in the right mindset for it.  It will need to be introduced to me at a time when I feel comfortable dealing with a sizable learning curve.  The fact that I know it has a lot of mechanics to learn is the main reason it’s gone untouched in my Steam library for a long time, but I hope to fix this soon.


I’m not sure why I haven’t played this yet.  Laura Shigihara is such an amazing person and I’m incredibly eager to jump into her game.  Additionally, Kan Gao, the creator of one of my favorite indie games, To the Moon, has been a vocal supporter of how amazing Rakuen is, and even that wasn’t enough for me to immediately pick it up.  I know I’m going to love it, but I also know it’s likely to emotionally devastate me, which is probably where the hesitation comes from.  Still, I fully intend to get to this before the end of the year, though I may need to stock up on some cheerful games to play after it’s over.

There are a ton of other titles that could be on this list, but I tried to narrow it down to games that I feel I will really play before the end of 2019.  What games do you predict will be new favorites for you when you play them?  Let me know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Predictions For My New Favorite Games

  1. Valkyria Chronicles is on my list to play some day! I’ve been diving into my Borderlands 2 playthough, I go through spurts with that game because I enjoy it, and then I get worn down by the constantly respawning enemies every time I have to go through an area again. I understand to a certain extent why games have repopulate the map when you load back in, but dang it I cleared this area, I shouldn’t have to dodge gunfire again so I can get across the map!

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    1. I personally prefer the first Borderlands to its sequel, and I think it’s because it’s a comparatively more compact title, so it doesn’t get quite as repetitive. That’s why I suspect I’ll enjoy pre-sequel, becuase it’s also a bit smaller than 2.

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      1. Agreed! As much as I’ve been trying to stick to the main story since I’ve returned to the game, I still need some of the sidequests to level up…which then leads me to trying to clear out all the quests in an area because I’m me, and then I get burned out.

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  2. For my money Borderlands TPS is the best of the lot. That’s for 2 very specific reasons:

    1 – Skill trees. Each character has several 1 point skills that radically change how they play. I’m a much bigger fan of those than I am of the +20% damage for 5 point skills. Makes each character feel distinct and anticipating those bigger skills kept me engaged far better than the previous two games.

    2 – the loot grinder…thing. Being able to regularly get high end drops be sacrificing gear I wasn’t interested in finally made the obscene number of loot drops in Borderlands make sense. It provided an additional avenue for getting the stuff you were interested in without having to mindlessly kill the same dude for hours on end.

    That out of the way, I look forward to seeing your impressions of the game. Also interested in what you’ll think of Valkyria Chronicles and The Sexy Brutale as those are also games I’ve finished.

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    1. I’m definitely excited to get to it. My expectation is that I’ll pick up The Pre-Sequel sometime in June or July, as that’s when I suspect my husband will have time to sit down and play it with me. Sexy Brutale will probably be the first thing I pick up whenever I finish The Witcher.

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