I Have a Steam Curator Page!

Kathy Rain

As the title of this post would suggest, I have decided to make a Steam Curator page.  My page is focused specifically on recommending indie titles that I love.  When I first started this blog, my plan was to primarily try and boost up indie games and show them some love.  The indie genre is filled with so many hidden gems that no one really discusses because they get washed away in the sea of AAA games.  I really wanted to change this, but I also ended up getting caught up in a lot of bigger titles and lost my way a bit.

I’m not saying that my blog is going to suddenly become only about indie games, because I still love to write about books and AAA titles.  Instead, I’m just shifting my priorities a bit and trying to make sure that indie games get some spotlight here.  As a start, my Steam curator page will allow for people to be introduced to some titles I may not have mentioned yet on my blog, but are still wonderful experiences that I would highly recommend.  I can also use informational updates to share what I’m currently playing or which games I’m eagerly anticipating.  There are lots of plans in the works, so be prepared for all sorts of awesome content!

My Steam curator page is here if you want to check it out!  It has around a dozen recommendations to start, but I’ll be trickling in a lot more as time goes on and I play more games.  What indie titles do you recommend to others?  Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “I Have a Steam Curator Page!

  1. I remember checking out Subsurface Circular a while back. Seemed like something I’d like since it seemed to have the mysterious and intriguing theme down. Above all, it’s Overwhelmingly Positive!

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  2. Followed! Rimworld is one of my favourite indies, and I’ve enjoyed Moonlighter, Papers Please, and of course Stardew Valley!


  3. Love indie games! Wandersong, any of the Wadjet Eye games, Slay the Spire, any Supergiant Games game, Celeste, The Sexy Brutale, Oxenfree, Donut Country. There’s way more out there than I can keep up with. Looking forward to seeing your recommendations!

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