Top Five Tuesday: Books I Want to Reread!


I’m not great at rereading books.  Anytime I consider revisiting an old favorite, I think about whether the title I’m about to pick up has aged well, or whether the time I would spend on a reread would be better put towards trying something new.  Regardless, there are a few old favorites of mine that I want to get to in the future, and thanks to the Bionic Book Worm’s Top Five Tuesday series, I get to talk about them!

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The Stand


The Stand has been my favorite book of all time for over a decade now, yet I haven’t actually read it a second time yet.  The problem is, for as much as I love Stephen King’s epic plague novel, my copy comes in at nearly 1400 pages, which is a tall order to read once, let alone pick up again in the future.  I may plan my reread out carefully, getting to a few chapters at a time over a long period, instead of dedicating a month to just tackling this massive tome again.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


The Harry Potter series is the one exception to my otherwise hard rule of not rereading books.  I’ve picked up all seven books at least twice, with the earlier entries getting four or five reads each.  No matter how many times I experience the magic and mystery of Hogwarts, however, I always want to go back and experience it all again.  There is no such thing as too much Harry Potter for my tastes, though my PotterAlikes project has been helping me find similarly fantastical worlds.

Princess Academy


Princess Academy is a title that I picked up on a whim from a book fair as a kid, and it was love at first page.  Honestly, part of why I want to reread this is because it has been so long since I picked it up that I can’t remember what actually happens in it.  One nice thing about this title is that I have read some of Shannon Hale’s other works as an adult, so I know I like her writing style.   Therefore, I don’t have to worry about ruining my childhood memories of a book because I hate it as an adult, which is a constant concern for me when revisiting favorites.



I just finished The Illuminae Files series last year and I already want to go through the entire series again.  It’s just so action-packed and thrilling that I can’t stop thinking about it to this day.  While I do also want to branch out and read more science-fiction in general, I need to reread Illuminae and see if there are any points where the book hints at what is to come that I missed the first time.



Wintergirls is another one of my favorite books, and it is also the title that introduced me to Laurie Halse Anderson, one of my favorite authors.  Its treatment of eating disorders is fascinating, as it uses strikethroughs to denote the toxic thoughts that the protagonist is trying to keep away.  I’m a little worried it won’t be as emotionally impactful as an adult, but I want to read it again nonetheless.

I don’t know when I will get around to rereading any of these books and series, but I hope that I get the chance to do so eventually.  Which titles do you hope to reread one day?  Let me know in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Books I Want to Reread!

  1. I just posted my T5T and literally said the exact same thing about HP! It just never fails to make me fall in love with it again. (and I agree I definitely read the first 3 books more than any others!)

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  2. I’ve gotta say since switching to Kindle the length of novels doesn’t bother me any more 😉
    I loved reading Stephen King when I was a teen YA – The Stand was one of my favourites too – but haven’t read any of his latest books.

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    1. Switching to mostly reading on Kindle has actually made me more bothered by length. When I read a physical book, I feel like being able to see how many pages I’ve finished keeps me motivated. Watching a page counter or percentage marker tick up doesn’t really give me the same effect.


      1. Lol! I can understand that, I don’t miss lugging around a big old tome though. My wrists and shoulder bags have appreciated the reduction in weight though! Lol! 😉

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