Top Five Tuesday: Books I Could Not Put Down!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

It’s Tuesday, which has quickly become my favorite day of the week.  Why?  Well, because I love doing Top Five Tuesday, hosted by the Bionic Book Worm!  This week, I’m going to be discussing books that I started and absolutely couldn’t put down until I had finished them.  As often happens with these Top Five Tuesday categories, I will also be making a separate list for video games, because I’ve been completely sucked into a number of gaming experiences over the years, as well.  For now, however, let’s see which books absolutely hooked me with their premises and wouldn’t let go until I knew how they had ended.

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My Sister The Serial Killer.jpg


When it comes to books I can’t put down, this is most likely to happen with shorter titles that move quickly through the plot.  My Sister, the Serial Killer is short, around 250 pages, and keeps the action moving along.  I loved reading about the relationships between the siblings, as one sister comes to terms with the fact that her beloved sibling might have a bit of a murderous streak in her.  It’s not always the easiest read, as it tackles complicated family relationships, but I couldn’t stop once I had started.



Overall, 2019 hasn’t been the greatest reading year for me, as I’ve read an overwhelming amount of three-star reads.  Still, the five-star books I picked up have just knocked me off my feet with an obsessive need to know more.  Scythe was so hard to put down that I had to immediately head to the library after finishing it in nearly one sitting in order to pick up its sequel.  There’s something so morbid and dark about the concept of humanity finally reaching immortality, but still having to clean the population out once in a while in order to avoid exhausting the world’s natural resources.  Now, I just have to sit here and patiently wait until November, when I can finally get the last entry in this trilogy.



Twilight defined my early teen years.  I remember picking up the first book from the store even though I had no idea what it was about, but knowing that everyone else my age was reading it and I wanted to be involved in the hype.  It’s around five hundred pages and I read it in a weekend, so I was clearly hooked.  From there, I finished the entire series in a few weeks, as well as branched off into binge-reading other vampiric romances because I just couldn’t get enough of the drama.  I’m not saying I’m proud of this part of my reading history or anything, but I am thankful for it, as Stephenie Meyer is probably a lot of the reason that I still read as an adult.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


It’s hard to make a list of books that are important to me without mentioning Harry Potter at least once.  In particular, I want to discuss Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  This was the first entry in the series where I was both old enough to attend a midnight release party, as well as frequently use the internet.  The result of both of these things together is that many people were posting spoilers on the internet approximately ten seconds after the book was released, meaning that I had to race through my reading experience as quickly as possible after I got it.  I stayed up for most of the night and continued to read on for the entirety of the next day in order to get through this seven-hundred-page behemoth at a superhuman pace.

Locke & Key


Finally, I have another series binge with the Locke & Key graphic novels.  I had borrowed these from a coworker without knowing anything about them.  Admittedly, my reason for finishing these so quickly is because I didn’t want to damage the books since they weren’t mine, so I wanted them back in my friend’s possession again as quickly as possible.  Even still, this series defies explanation and I love it for that.  I’ve tried to convince others to read it because of how weird and creepy it is, but no description I can give will ever do it justice.

There’s my full list of books I couldn’t put down once I had started them!  I highly recommend picking any of these up (except maybe Twilight, although even that is a fascinating exercise in literary history that is worth a look) because I had a great time with them at some point in my life.  What books have you been unable to tear yourself away from?  Let me know in the comments below!

23 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Books I Could Not Put Down!

  1. I read Twilight too to see what all the fuss was about in high school. I tried to imagine Edward better looking. But if I really had to choose sides I’d pick Jacob.

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    1. I was so hooked on that series as a teenager! I’m pretty sure that Harry Potter got children reading and then Twilight came along and made it a habit for a lot of readers in their twenties.


  2. Schusterman’s books have consistently been great reads for me, so I’ll definitely need to check to Scythe sometime! And I think what I love most about Twilight’s legacy is it encouraged a lot of young girls who weren’t readers to become readers. So I’m grateful for that. 😀

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    1. I don’t hate Twilight and have always cynically believed it has the reputation it has because teen girls were the main audience. It’s not fine literature, but it’s exciting and got teens, myself included, reading after we grew out of Harry Potter.

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