Ranking Each Borderlands 3 Character Before Playing the Game



My most anticipated game of the year, Borderlands 3, is finally out and ready to play!  I, unfortunately, have to wait for my husband to come home before I can start playing and I’m getting pretty antsy.  Therefore, I thought I would put together a quick post about which characters I think I will enjoy most and least before starting up the loot-and-shoot adventure for the first time.  Since I anticipate playing through as every character at least once in the coming months, it will be fun to see how my first impressions vary from my opinions after dozens of hours of playtime.  While every character has aspects of their personality or loadout that I am intrigued by, there are definitely some that I’m dying to get my hands on right away, whereas some can probably sit on the shelf for a while longer.  Here are my rankings of each Borderlands 3 class before I boot up the game for the first time, as well as some explanation behind the major pros and cons that I see regarding each character, in relation to my own playstyle and preferences.

4.  Zane

Zane probably has the personality that I appreciate most out of the four characters available.  He’s witty and charming, but unfortunately, I’m just not that interested in the skills he has on offer.  His special abilities are heavily centered around deploying items like shields, turrets, and clones, but none of those really go well with the way I play Borderlands.  I like to get right in the action and push through waves of enemies quickly, whereas Zane works best at a distance, lobbing grenades and turrets at opponents.  Honestly, though, if Zane is the character I am least interested in playing, that says a lot about how phenomenal the classes are for this entry, as I still think he will be a lot of fun with the right build.  Regardless, he will be the one I pick up last, though the silver lining here is that this is the class my husband is most interested in playing, so we aren’t fighting over our preferred characters.

3.  Moze

Moze is bringing mechs to Borderlands, and I am pretty happy about this.  Her no-nonsense personality means she could very easily be the straight man to all of the wacky comedy antics throughout the game, which I think will turn out to be quite amusing.  While I’m definitely excited to run around in a huge robot suit, the main reason that she ranks lower on this list is that her skills seem fairly one-note at first glance.  There’s not as much versatility in the way Moze plays, as every one of her action skills just changes the way her mech suit works.  I prefer more flexible characters that can change up their tactics regularly, which doesn’t suit Moze on paper.  Of course, there is only so much that can be discerned from staring at skill trees without any gameplay context, so I hope to be proven wrong by my initial assumptions when I eventually play as her.

2.  FL4K

FL4K has the coolest-looking character design of the four classes available, and their personality seems like a lot of fun, as well.  In the vast majority of Diablo-esque games, I play as the pet-based class because it’s fun to watch my minions do all of the attacking for me.  With that said, however, there are a few early concerns that I have about FL4K.  First of all, a lot of their skill tree is based upon critical hits, and I’m more of a spray-and-pray with an SMG sort of player.  Second of all, there is always the concern that pets may actually take some of the fun out of the gunplay if they kill everything too quickly.  Overall, however, the pets are really cute and I’m willing to bet that FL4K will be a phenomenal single-player class, so a solo run will be a great opportunity to try them out!

1.  Amara

Finally, the class that I will be starting with later today is Amara.  I played the siren class in both Borderlands and Borderlands 2, to mixed results.  Lilith, from the first entry, is my favorite class in the series so far, but Maya’s introduction in the second title really lacked in overall power.  Amara seems like a return to form of what I loved so much about Lilith:  Her versatility.  Amara’s skills are varied, allowing me to ground slam nearby enemies, shoot a projectile out towards opponents further away, or lock a bigger enemy in place for a few seconds.  No matter how I want to play, Amara has a build that will suit my style.  My only real concern about Amara so far is that I still haven’t seen too much of her personality, leading me to believe that she may not be quite as charismatic as some of the other characters, but her abilities look like enough fun that I think I will be okay.

Those are my first impressions of each Borderlands 3 class!  There will definitely be a lot more content on this game available on my blog in the coming weeks, as I’m probably going to be playing this exclusively for quite a while.  What class will you be trying first?  Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Ranking Each Borderlands 3 Character Before Playing the Game

  1. I decided to start out with FL4K and I’m really enjoying their playstyle so far and how unique each of their animals are while we’re fighting, so I’ve really enjoyed it so far! But my boyfriend is playing Zane and I could just listen to his accent all day long. I hope you and your husband are having fun playing!


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