The New and (Hopefully) Improved Hannie Corner!

Tomb Raider

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while, huh? Last week, I decided to dive right in and just post something to get myself back in the writing spirit, but I think I should probably take a step back and discuss the future of The Hannie Corner before I continue. Yes, after a long hiatus, I’m back and ready to start writing again.

At some point last year, I got it in my head that it would be better for my future to focus more on career development and less on my hobbies. Due to this, I decided to stop writing because it didn’t feel “worth it” due to what I perceived as a lack of value. I realized recently that I deeply regretted making this choice. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with having hobbies outside of your career and it’s an important part of work-life balance. Secondly, I realized that writing actually does improve my communication skills, so the argument that running a website isn’t “worth it” from a professional perspective also doesn’t hold any water.

After weighing my options for a few weeks, I decided to come back and start writing again. I won’t be posting as often as I used to and also can’t promise that I will keep a consistent schedule for a while until I get a good feel for how much I’m capable of writing, but I’m excited to get started again. While I am still working through exactly what I want this rebrand of sorts to mean for The Hannie Corner, I thought I would give a quick run-down of what some of my future content may contain.

Tomb Raider
I’ve been taking a good critical look at my content lately.

First of all, there will still be plenty of gaming content. Video games are my primary hobby above all else and that hasn’t changed. One difference, however, is in addition to the book-based content that I already feature at times, I will also likely be writing about a lot of anime. Over the past year, I have gotten really into anime, to the point where I have finished fewer games than usual this year due to the amount of shows that I have watched. I want to discuss some of my favorite shows with others, so writing about them seems like a natural fit.

Secondly, the type of content I write may change a little. It isn’t so much that I want to change the specific types of content that I produce, however, and more that I want to change the angle from which I approach my subject. I love writing lists and trying titles that get me out of my comfort zone through different challenges and projects, but I do want to be more critical in my overall analysis. Whether I’m writing a list or a review, I want to get more into the design aspects of what I’m viewing. In the past, my content was a lot more about whether I liked a feature or not, almost as if I was writing a journal entry to my future self, but going forward, I want to discuss why the feature was implemented and what about it specifically drew me in or turned me away.

Finally, I know a question that I’ve been pondering is whether a return to writing means an eventual return to other platforms to possibly create video content or stream gameplay. The answer for now is that I want to start small. I would like to first get myself back into the habit of writing regularly and coming up with meaningful content that I’m passionate about creating. After I’ve been blogging for a while, however, I may consider it, as it is something that I’ve always wanted to do. In particular, it has been a dream of mine to one day create a longform video essay about some aspect of gaming, so hopefully that will come in the future, but don’t expect it anytime soon.

In the end, this is all a work in progress and I have no idea for certain what the future may hold. Since I have less time than I used to for writing and the scope of the kinds of pieces I want to write has increased significantly, I probably won’t be putting out new posts as often as before. I have a ton of pieces that I want to write, but writing some of the ideas in my head may take me playing through an entire series before I’m ready to discuss it in any meaningful way, so I hope you will all have a little patience with me as I determine how to best balance putting out regular content with writing my “dream pieces” that I am most passionate about.

What kind of content would you like to see from me in the future? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “The New and (Hopefully) Improved Hannie Corner!

  1. Welcome back! Do take your time and I have always stressed the importance of having a balance in your life. When I was building my career (and still am) I would make it a priority to set aside time for writing, gaming or any other hobbies no matter how busy I get. Sometimes you just fall into things and make it work.

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