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Baba is You

As a massive fan of indie titles, the past week has been an exciting time to own a Nintendo Switch.  For those who don’t know, Nintendo has released two videos showcasing indie games that are coming out in the near future.  I thought it would be fun to do a large post compiling every game that was in these videos.  I’ll give the basic information that was in the video, any other details I can find on the internet, and some general observations as to whether I’m interested or maybe have already played the game on a different platform.  This list will be in alphabetical order across both videos, which can be watched here and here.


Baba is You

Baba is You by Hempuli started off as an idea from a game jam and took off from there.  This puzzle game’s premise is fairly simple:  What if you controlled the video game world yourself, instead of just playing in it?  The game world is traversed through puzzles akin to basic coding, such as adding the word “push” to a command to allow a boulder to be movable.  I am completely on board for this game, as I love logic-based puzzle games.  There is a demo available for those who want to try its unique puzzling mechanics out before it hits the Nintendo E-shop this fall.


Bad North

Bad North is developed by Plausible Concept, and this intriguing title blends the roguelite genre with real-time strategy elements to create something unique.  The game takes place on an island that is under constant attack from sea-faring vikings.  Gameplay consists of gathering resources and defending the island’s inhabitants from being slaughtered until it is time to proceed to the next island.  I’m not personally certain this game is for me, but I am intrigued enough to go watch some more footage and learn more about the game.  It is currently available on the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, with a PC release coming later this year.



Bastion, developed by Supergiant Games, is a phenomenal indie title that was originally released in 2011, and is available on just about every platform imaginable at this point.  I’ve played this game before, and while I don’t think I like it as much as others do, it is absolutely worth a try for the art style and music alone.  The Switch version of this action title about a mysterious world-ending event called the Calamity is coming September 13.


Bullet Age

Bullet Age, from Liv Games and Halfbot, is a co-op action platformer.  It has some RPG elements, such as quests and a weapon upgrade system, and a lot of shooting bad guys.  Personally, I think this looks cool, but I want to see some more gameplay before I pick it up, as it doesn’t have anything that seems particularly unique.  The game is coming to Switch, as a console exclusive, alongside PC in November 2018.


Children of Morta

Children of Morta from Dead Mage and 11 Bit Studios is a roguelite game with a story focused around a single family named the Bergsons.  There is co-op, as well as a variety of different character classes, in order to allow everyone to find the playstyle that suits them best.  I think this game looks fantastic and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.  The game will be available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, with the Switch version coming in early 2019.


Desert Child

Desert Child is from Oscar Brittain and Akupara Games, and is a hoverbike racing simulator set in an apocalyptic world.  There is a lot of racing involved, but between the races, the protagonist just lives life, meeting people and picking where to eat.  There is a demo available for those who want to learn more about this title, because I suspect words do not do it justice.  I’m intrigued by the pixel art style, and the style of the game looks like it would be perfect to pick up and play on my Switch when it is released on December 18, alongside the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Dragon Marked for Death

Dragon Marked for Death is developed by Inti Creates, and unlike many of the other games, this is a Switch exclusive title.  With multiple character classes, and the ability to play with up to four-players in co-op, this is a game that will likely keep players questing for hours on end.  This definitely looks like my kind of game, especially with the absolutely stunning pixel art, so I will assuredly be picking this one up when it launches in December of this year.



Everspace is from ROCKFISH games, and is a roguelike space shooter, which came out previously on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.  This version of the game is the Stellar edition, which includes the game’s Encounters expansion.  I am absolutely amazed that this game runs on Switch, as it looks like a graphical powerhouse.  That said, I’m very excited to pick this up for my on-the-go play when it comes to Nintendo Switch in December 2018.


The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between is a puzzle title coming from The Voxel Agents.  The game utilizes time manipulation as the central puzzle mechanic, which is both exciting and terrifying, as I prepare for this game to absolutely melt my brain.  Still, I can’t wait to get this game when it comes out on September 20 for PC, Switch, and PS4.


Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a game by Heart Machine, and one that I have owned for ages on PC and yet to play.  Its art style is a textbook example of how great pixel art can be, and this version of the game comes with exclusive content that isn’t in the other releases.  I will probably play my own copy of Hyper Light Drifter soon so I can have a review out for people on the fence about this title, but it comes to Switch on September 6 of this year.


Into the Breach

Into the Breach from Subset Games surprise launched itself onto the Nintendo eShop and is available now.  Therefore, if this strategy title involving giant mechs interests you, there’s no reason to wait!  I didn’t personally play FTL nearly as much as I should have, so until I have played more of that game, I won’t be picking this one up.


Jackbox Party Pack 5

There’s no trailer to show off for this title from Jackbox Games, so instead, I’ll just briefly mention that I love playing Jackbox Party games with my friends, so I am definitely interested in a new entry when this title launches in October of this year.  I am certain that the wacky party games will be just as much fun as always in the newest entry to the series.


King of the Hat

King of the Hat from Hydroglyphik Games is a party game with purposefully simplistic controls that allow for newcomers to quickly pick up the mechanics.  Online multiplayer is planned for this title in addition to local, and the characters look wacky, with my personal favorite being the washing machine character.  I signed up to hopefully take part in the closed beta coming up soon, but I anticipate this being something I’ll spend a lot of time playing with friends when it launches for Steam and Switch in early 2019.



Levelhead from Butterscotch Shenanigans is a platforming title that has the level editor for the game as a primary feature, similarly to LittleBigPlanet.  The game does have a single player campaign, and both the levels and level editor are also playable in multiplayer.  I’m really excited, but I will probably wait to see how the community takes off, as this sort of title is only as good as the level creators.  This title comes out in November 2018 for PC and Switch.


Light Fingers

Light Fingers is a title by Numizmatic Games corporation, and it is a turn-based game that can be played locally with up to four players.  The game appears to take place on a game board that changes and shifts as the game progresses and different players take turns.  I’m not really into board games, so I don’t see this being for me, but the game launches on Switch on September 20 of this year for those who want to try it.


The Messenger

The Messenger is created by Sabotage and Devolver Digital.  It is a retro callback to older titles like Ninja Gaiden.  This is definitely not my style of game, but I think the art style is nice and suspect it will be a great throwback title when it releases on August 30 of this year.


Mineko’s Night Market

Mineko’s Night Market by Meowza Games and Humble Bundle is an adventure game that has commerce elements, as the titular Mineko runs a village stall as a source of income.  The game feels reminiscent of games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, which is probably the best kind of game for me.  The gameplay seemed to feature some sewing, mining, and other tasks that are commonly represented in other similar titles, which is awesome for days that I just want to relax.  I will definitely be picking this game up when it is released in early 2019 for Switch and PC.


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is from Game Atelier and FDG Entertainment, and this may be the most stylistically attractive game of the group.  The anime-style art caught my eye and I’m absolutely in love.  In terms of gameplay, this appears to be a pretty typical side-scrolling platformer adventure title, but this is a game that shares some development staff with the Wonder Boy series, so this will likely be a great game when it comes to Switch on November 6 of this year.



Moonlighter is from Digital Sun and 11 Bit Studios, and it is already out on other platforms, including PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  This title follows a man who works as a shopkeeper by day and fights enemies in dungeons by night.  It has rogue-like elements, and I have to admit that this has kept me away from this game to this point, but it looks fantastic and I think I’ll be picking it up on Switch when it comes out this fall.


Morphie’s Law

Morphie’s Law is a multiplayer shooter from Cosmoscope that is out right now exclusively on Switch, with a PC version coming out later this year.  The concept is that every time you defeat an enemy, part of your body grows in size and you slowly get larger.  The idea is intriguing, but I’m a little wary about jumping into multiplayer shooters until I’ve seen more about the balancing and content available.  I’ll keep an eye on it and maybe jump in a few months from now.


Night Call

Night Call is a game from Monkey Moon, Black Muffin, and Raw Fury.  Based on the trailer, this game’s art style is black and white and feels like an old noire film.  It seems to be narrative-focused, but details are pretty slim at the moment.  This kind of game looks right up my alley, so I’ll be picking it up when it comes to PC and Switch in early 2019.


Prison Architect

I’ve owned Prison Architect from Introversion Software for a really long time, but never really jumped into it.  This simulation title puts the player in control of a prison, and it looks fantastic, so I’ll be making sure to move this one up on my backlog.  For those who don’t already own it, or want it on the go, it is available with several expansions now, and the escape mode of the game that lets the player try and escape their own prisons, comes out as DLC later in the year.


Samurai Gunn 2

Samurai Gunn 2 comes from Teknopants and Double Fine Productions, and it is a game with a strong multiplayer focus, as there is both a co-op story mode, as well as some versus content for friends.  There’s also a graphic novel included with the game that can be read on the Switch.  This looks like a game that I’d only pick up if I could find friends to play it with, so I’ll see if my friends are interested in playing this with me when it launches on Switch in early 2019.


Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is from Mega Crit Games, and this was an announcement that I was waiting for.  The only reason I haven’t picked up this game is because of how perfect I thought it would be on the Switch.  This is a deck-building card battler that has been something of a huge phenomenon on Steam.  It’s still in early access on PC, so the final product for Switch won’t be available until early 2019.  Still, I’m excited to finally get my hands on this one.


Streets of Rogue

Streets of Rogue is by Matt Dabrowski and tinyBuild, and it’s a rogue-like game involving procedurally generated cities to run around in as a variety of different characters.  There’s co-op on this game, and it has been well-received so far in its early access form on Steam.  It does seem to have a lot of different mechanics and will likely keep players busy for many hours.  I’m not personally that interested in this game because I’m a bit burned out on this top-down shooter style, but it’s coming to Switch and Xbox in winter 2018 if you are intrigued.


Superbrothers:  Sword & Sorcery EP

Superbrothers:  Sword & Sorcery EP is a game from Capybara, Superbrothers, and Jim Guthrie that originally came out in 2012 on PC and mobile.  I’ve played it before and personally don’t like it much, as it came off as a little too artsy for my own taste.  It’s a perfectly functional game that has quite the cult following, though, so if the trailer looks interesting, this game can be picked up on the Switch in October of this year.



Terraria is a sandbox survival game created by Re-Logic, and as many know, originally came out in 2011.  Much like Minecraft, this game has come out on about every platform known to man, so I’m uncertain as to whether people will be interested in getting it on another system.  I personally will probably look at my PC copy that’s collecting dust, and if I enjoy playing it enough, I’ll pick it up to have on the go when it releases on Switch in 2019.


This War of Mine

This War of Mine is a bleak historical survival game from 11 Bit Studios that originally came out on consoles and PC in 2014.  I haven’t personally played it becuase I suspect it would emotionally destroy me.  Still, I feel like I need to give this a try sometime, and its release on the Switch in November 2018 seems like a perfect time to finally grab it.



TowerFall comes from Matt Thorson and Matt Makes Games, and is a local co-op action game with both versus and cooperative modes.   This is a definitive edition of the game that initially was released in 2013 for the Ouya (remember that?) and later onto Steam, Xbox, and Playstation, so it will include the released expansion packs.  For those who have played Celeste, Celeste will be a special character in the Switch version of the game.  I’ve personally played this game a little, but it’s never interested me much, though I will likely give it another try ahead of its release date on September 27.



Transistor is from Supergiant Games, and it is a fantastic turn-based strategy RPG that has an art and musical style similar to the creator’s previous work, Bastion.  I personally love this game, and would recommend it over Bastion, though both games are wonderful and worth trying out.  This game releases in November of this year.


Treasure Stack

Treasure Stack is a block-based puzzle game with platforming elements from PIXELAKES.  The gameplay looks crazy and frantic, and it features cross-platform play with PC for its online co-op.  For those who prefer couch gaming, there is also local co-op available.  If I can convince someone to play with me, I will be playing this when it releases this winter.



Undertale comes from Toby Fox, and it is one of the great indie darlings of this generation, being on most major platforms at this point.  For those unaware, this is an RPG in which the player doesn’t have to kill every enemy if they can talk their way out of the battle.  I’ve never actually played it, but I do own it on PC, so I will try and get through it soon and get a review out for people before its release date of September 18 of this year.


Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game by House House and Panic is a game about being a goose.  In a goose simulator of sorts, the player is tasked with trying to ruin people’s lives by simply existing.  The gameplay looks hilarious and I’m quite excited to pick this one up when it launches for PC and Switch in early 2019.


Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut

Wasteland 2 is from inXile Entertainment and is an RPG that was created by a producer of the original Fallout game.  Similarly to a number of other games on this list, I own it and haven’t played it.  Therefore, I will probably play the copy I own as soon as I can in order to give everyone a review as close to the September 13 release date as possible.



Windjammers comes from Dotemu, and is a multiplayer game that was originally released on the Neo Geo.  This is an updated version with some ranked online multiplayer boards that originally came out on PS4 and Vita.  I have less than no interest in this game, as it is basically air hockey, but it comes out on October 23 for anyone who likes sports games.


Windjammers 2

Windjammers 2 is a sequel to the original Windjammers from Dotemu, and basically everything I said above applies here.  This game is more or less air hockey or Pong, and no actual gameplay appeared in this teaser to convince me the sequel is worth it, so I’m not particularly interested.  If this is the kind of game you like, however, this is coming in 2019.


The World Next Door

The World Next Door is a game from Rose City Games and VIZ Media that appears to have a mixture of lengthy narrative sections with a varied cast of characters and a puzzle battling mechanic that looks like a ton of fun.  I’m a huge fan of the Persona series, and the narrative sections of this game feel like they could potentially go the same direction as that series.  Therefore, I’m cautiously optimistic for this game when it comes out in early 2019 for PC and Switch.



Zarvot is a cube puzzler game from Snowhydra Games that has both versus and cooperative modes for playing with friends.  This game looks super wacky, with one part of the trailer showing the cubes trying to fight a banana as an enemy.  I love indie puzzle games, so I’m excited to pick this up when it comes to Switch in October of this year.


Final Thoughts

I’m going to have a busy year ahead of me!  There’s a lot of games that I want to pick up, like The World Next Door, Mineko’s Night Market, and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, but there’s also a lot of games I already own and feel like I need to dive into, like Prison Architect and Hyper Light Drifter.  Let me know in the comments below what games on this list you’re looking forward to.

Note:  This post is imported from a prior blog, HannieBee Games.








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