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Human Resource Machine

Yesterday, I covered five books that Ravenclaws should read, so it seems only fair to discuss some accompanying video games.  This Hogwarts house is known for being analytical and seeking out learning opportunities wherever possible.  From puzzles to RPGs, there are plenty of games out there that are perfect for anyone seeking out knowledge.  Let’s take a look!


Any title with a detective element is practically custom-built for Ravenclaws.  These games are at their best when the player is analyzing the clues right alongside the protagonist.  The Danganronpa series is the perfect example of the detective genre at its best.  Solving twisted murders that often have crazy plot twists before the game reveals the murderer is rewarding and leaves players with a great sense of accomplishment.


Disgaea taps into another side of the Ravenclaw mind.  There is a crazy learning curve to this strategy series, but the payoff of seeing every character’s stats skyrocket is huge.  Experimenting to find the most effective techniques to grind out levels all the way to 9999 is an integral part of this series, making it perfect for anyone who wants to dig deep and master the mechanics of a game.

Nier Automata

NieR:  Automata is here because 9S perfectly exhibits the characteristics of a Ravenclaw.  He has a thirst for knowledge, always wanting to dig deeper and learn more.  Even though his attempts to find out everything he can about the world around him can get him into trouble at times, his inquisitive nature always makes him ask more questions to get to the root of major philosophical ponderings.


I can’t talk about video games for Ravenclaws without putting at least one puzzle title on the list.  While I had plenty to choose from here, I ultimately went with The Talos Principle because, in addition to its multitude of clever puzzles that get the brain fired up, it also has a complex story about the role of humanity.  The puzzles will lead to many pieces of scratch paper being used to draw out potential solutions, and the story will have any Ravenclaw up at night theorizing what could potentially be happening here.


Sometimes, Ravenclaws may want to learn a practical skill while they play video games.  Thankfully, Human Resource Machine exists for this very purpose.  At first, this may just seem like a simple puzzle game about getting numbers from the inbox to the outbox based on a series of commands.  As time goes on, however, it slowly teaches players how basic computer coding works.  These puzzles get quite challenging as the game goes on (I’m stuck about two-thirds of the way through), but everything here could be transferred to actual coding with some hard work.

Stay tuned for the rest of February to get both game and book recommendations for the other Hogwarts houses!  Which games would you pick for Ravenclaws?  Let me know in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “Ravenclaw Video Games

  1. With stories being a form of currency in the game, Sunless Sea is my first thought as a very Ravenclaw game. It might also be a very Slytherin game, with so many storylines needing cunning and ambition to complete.

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  2. Talos Principle! I really enjoyed this game, up to the point where I got stuck on a puzzle and I’m too stubborn to look up the answer. I hadn’t heard of Human Resource Machine, but that looks up my alley! I’d nominate Return of the Obra Din to the list – it’s all about the quest for answers, another logical deduction game.

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