Authors That I Want to Give Another Chance

Sometimes, for any variety of reasons, I may stop reading books from an author.  It may be because I outgrew the primary series that I was reading from them, or maybe a book was written by them that left a sour taste in my mouth.  Regardless, this has happened enough times that I feel like I can make a full list out of it.  As with my other lists, if I ever get a chance to actually read all of these authors again, I will write an update where I discuss my feelings about my revisiting process.

Neil Gaiman


I have a strange relationship with Neil Gaiman, but I guess that’s probably how I would sum up how I feel about a number of the authors I’m discussing today.  Stardust is a book that I love dearly, so I thought I had found a new favorite author.  Unfortunately, I then went on to despise the Sandman comics and give up on American Gods partway through, which led me to put off trying any other books from him for a long time.  Still, a lot of people love his work and I want to give him another chance, so I think I will give Coraline a shot and see how it goes.

V.E. Schwab


I recently read the first two book in V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic trilogy.  While I found the first book to be perfectly fine, if a little dull, the second book will go down in history as one of my least favorite books ever.  That said, however, I actually own quite a few of her books, as people keep recommending them to me.  Since one bad book does not necessarily mean I will hate the author as a whole, I would like to give her another chance, maybe through reading Vicious.

Paulo Coelho


In high school, I read The Alchemist and absolutely hated it.  It is completely possible that I was too young to appreciate it, or maybe it just isn’t the book for me.  With that said, however, I have seen other books by Paulo Coelho that look really interesting, so I would like to give him another chance as an adult to see if I like his works better now.  The Spy is the book I have my eye on, so that will likely be the title that I pick up.

Jodi Picoult

Small Great Things

I have read three books by Jodi Picoult.  The first title I read became a favorite of mine, and the two I read after were really nothing special.  If I pick up one more of her works, this will probably be the one that helps me determine if the one book I liked by her was a fluke, or if there are more titles in her back catalog that I might enjoy.  Since Small Great Things got a lot of critical acclaim when it came out, I have my eye on that one, though I may pick up whatever book by her that I happen to see in the library.

Holly Black

the cruel prince

Finally, I first read Holly Black a long time ago when I picked up Tithe for the first time.  I really wasn’t impressed.  It wasn’t a particularly awful book or anything, but it wasn’t good enough to warrant trying her other books out at the time.  In this case, I believe that authors can get better as they write more, and I’m definitely curious about trying The Cruel Prince, which is the start of Black’s newest series.

That’s it for my authors that I would like to try again in the future!  It’ll be interesting to see if I change my mind about anyone on this list after trying more of their books in the future.  What authors would you like to give another shot?  Let me know in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Authors That I Want to Give Another Chance

  1. I hope you enjoy Coraline, because it’s one of my all-time favorite books. 😃 I haven’t read the other Neil Gaiman books you listed, but I would recommend The Ocean at the End of the Lane if you do end up liking Coraline – they have a similar ambience. I would be interested in reading your thoughts on Vicious and [if applicable] Vengeful – I thought the former was good and I DNFd the latter. 😬

    Melissa de la Cruz is an author I want to give another go. I just finished Serpent’s Kiss, which is the sequel to Witches of East End, and it was disappointing. She has plenty of other books so I think my chances of finding something I enjoy is pretty good.

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    1. I’ve heard from multiple people that Holly Black’s later works are so much better than her earlier stuff, so I think I’d like to give her another try, as it sounds like it will be a totally different sort of experience.

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  2. I recently read and reviewed Sue Coletta’s Marred, and though well-written by an author I follow on FB and her blog, I’m wary to read another serial killer tale. I recently watched the excellent TV version of Good Omens with a screenplay by Neil Gaiman who wrote the novel with Terry Pratchett. So, I will read that soon.

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    1. I can understand not wanting to immediately pick up another book by an author if the books are all reasonably similar in nature. I’ve been reading both the Scythe and Unwind series by Neal Shusterman, but I ultimately put Unwind down for a while because they’re both markedly similar series and it was just a little too much dystopia/utopia for my tastes.

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