The Superpower I Want Most – Geek Out Challenge Day 14

In my last post, I was able to discuss Harry Potter in great detail as my favorite book series.  Today, Megan from a Geeky Gal has challenged me to write about my ideal superpower.  There are so many answers that I could list off here, but I am going to discuss the answer I would have given as a child.  It all started with Avatar:  The Last Airbender.

I’m not going to pretend that I was a huge fan of Avatar.  While I did watch it occasionally and had a working knowledge of what the show was about, I haven’t seen all of the episodes and probably never will.  With that said, however, the concept of controlling the elements absolutely fascinated me and made me think deeply about what kind of bender I would be in the Avatar universe.  Ultimately, I decided that I wanted to be a waterbender.

timelapse photography off water fountain
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It’s difficult to pin down what made me want to be a waterbender over the other elements, but I have a theory.  In part, it stems from the fact that I thought Katara was a really cool character, but I think it goes beyond that.  Around the time that I was watching Avatar, I was also learning how to swim.  Being a child with an active imagination, it was easy to pretend that I was a waterbender by creating big splashes with my arms in the pool.  None of the other elements represented in Avatar allowed for as much practical experimentation, as far as eight-year-old me was concerned.

As an adult, I think I like the idea of elemental control, in general, but water still sticks in my mind as my favorite.  Whenever I play RPGs, I always pick the elemental mage class.  It makes me a little sad that mages in video games get a lot of fire, ice, and lightning attacks that affect large areas, but there aren’t too many water-based abilities.  Think about how awesome it would be to shoot a huge tidal wave at enemies, knocking them back and drenching them, therefore priming them for a follow-up lightning attack.  This needs to be a feature in more games.

This particular Geek Out post didn’t really need to be that long, which is nice, as it balances out the incredibly lengthy responses that I have done for the past few days.  Thanks, as always, to A Geeky Gal for coming up with this challenge, and check out her response here.  What superpower would you like to have?  Let me know in the comments below!

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