Top 5 Authors I Need to Pick Up!

In spite of how much I tend to read, there are actually quite a few authors that I haven’t had the opportunity to pick up yet.  There are just so many books out there that I can’t possibly read all of them, right?  Thankfully, Bionic Book Worm’s Top 5 Tuesday is here to save the day with this week’s topic of listing off five authors that I need to pick up as soon as possible.  I have actually done this list before and still have a few more left from that group to read, so I will be listing off five new authors that I didn’t mention there.  If I actually finish all fifteen authors across both lists, I will definitely give an update where I share my thoughts on each of them!  For now, let’s see which five authors get a spot on my list of shame this time around!

Shadow and BOne

I actually mentioned Leigh Bardugo in last week’s Top 5 Tuesday because I have several reasons to want to read her books.  First of all, her major fantasy world, the Grishaverse, is getting an adaptation that I would really like to watch after reading the books.  Secondly, I like to read books from authors in the order in which they wrote them as much as possible.  Given that I really want to read Bardugo’s latest release, Ninth House, I need to get to her older works as soon as I can.  I’ll start with Shadow and Bone, and I hope that I will have a new fantasy series to fall in love with from there!

The Nightingale

I have read a lot of authors that write in the same niche as Kristin Hannah, operating in the female-oriented literary fiction space.  Jodi Picoult, Liane Moriarty, and Taylor Jenkins Reid have all produced books I absolutely adore, so I have no doubt that I would enjoy titles penned by Kristin Hannah, as well.  I’m not even sure where to start with her, as she has written quite a few acclaimed titles, but I think The Nightingale seems like a good choice, given that I enjoy World War II-era fiction.

Leviathan Wakes

I’ve been trying to slowly dip my toes a little more into the science fiction section of the bookstore ever since I read Illuminae a few years ago.  I still don’t know a lot about the different sub-genres and intricacies of the genre, but I want to learn more.  Given that James S.A. Corey’s series is one of the main science fiction series that I see in the front of any bookstore I walk into, this seems like a great place to start with my attempts to learn more about whether the genre is for me or not.


Admittedly, I don’t read a ton of romance and don’t even know if I actually like the genre or not.  Still, my reasoning for reading James S.A. Corey applies to Christina Lauren, as this author duo seems like a great place to start if I want to learn more about the modern conventions of the genre.  I kind of want to start with The Unhoneymooners simply because I love the cover, but I should probably do a little more research and not use cover prettiness as my ultimate deciding factor.


Finally, I have been getting into fantasy a lot more this year, and I hope to continue that by picking up something by N.K Jemisin in the near future.  Her books just sound so dark and unique, so I can’t wait to see if she lives up to the immense hype around her works.  I own The Inheritance Trilogy already, so this will likely be the series that I pick up first, but that may change if I see something else from her available at the library.

That’s it for part two of my unread authors list of shame!  I’m definitely excited to dive in and hopefully find a few new favorites in the near future.  Are there any authors on this list that I should be prioritizing?  Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Authors I Need to Pick Up!

  1. Nice choices, I personally want to start reading Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. I’m watching the HBO series and love it so far. Plus Lovecraft’s work (I’m late to the part but I loved Call of Cthulhu)


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